Kieran Finnegan- M. Chiro, BSc., Dip RM, Myotherapy (SLM).

Remedial Massage

Kieran completed his diploma in remedial massage in 2004, and after several years working as a massage therapist Kieran began to study a system of massage & bodywork developed by Steve Lockhart, who is an Australian massage therapist with 25 years of experience treating chronic back pain and working with Australia’s top athletes, & is the founder of Steve Lockhart Myotherapy (SLM).

Myotherapy (SLM)

Steve himself had been taught by a man named John Guttenbeil, who practiced the original form of this deep tissue therapy for over 50 years and whose skills and reputation for fixing the unfixable were legendary. Once Kieran began using myotherapy (SLM), he learnt that the body needs to be addressed more holistically rather than just focusing on the site of pain.


While working as an myotherapist (SLM) & developing his skills & knowledge at a chiropractic clinic, he witnessed the additional benefits to his clients who combined both forms of treatment. This led Kieran to take his training and education further, and he spent the next five years at Macquarie University completing his masters in chiropractic. Kieran is the only person in Australia trained as a chiropractor & myotherapist (SLM).

Chiropractor Waterloo, Steve Lockhart Myotherapist (SLM) and remedial massage therapist has the training and experience to ensure you get the best treatment.

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