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Waterloo Spine and Sports is the only clinic offering the combination of chiropractic and myotherapy (SLM), this allows us to balance the important postural muscles, restoring length and suppleness prior to any chiropractic adjustments.

In figure 1, you can see the common areas where pain and inflammation occur in the body and how the skeleton has become ‘out of alignment’, even though the muscles are not shown on this figure, the twists and tilts are usually the result of uneven pull of the muscles. The muscles are the main support structure of the body and are responsible for holding us upright against gravity, when muscle imbalances exist it causes pressure to build up unevenly on the body particularly the joints and usually accompanied by localised spasm/inflammation (red areas). These imbalance’s are usually a result of repetitive daily activities such as sitting, driving, playing sport/instruments, trauma etc… which cause one side of the body to become tighter than the other which leads to them pulling the body out of alignment.

To ensure you get the best results when trying to rid the body of pain and injury, the underlying muscle imbalances need to be corrected as well as the fixated or ‘stuck’. In my experience; treating one does not automatically correct the other, especially in the case of chronic pain, the reason why I combine myotherapy (SLM) with chiropractic, is so I can correct the underlying problem muscles bringing them to a more balanced, supple and healthy condition before correcting the localised area of pain and dysfunction with chiropractic.  

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