Headaches tend to be a continuation of problems with the back, shoulders and spine. There are a few variations of headaches two of the more common headaches are tension headaches which is usually described as a tight band across the forehead on both sides, cervico-genic (originating in the neck) which tends to be more on one side and accompanied with a stiff/painful neck and finally migraine; which again tends to be associated with neck pain, one or both sided, sensitivity to light, nausea and usually begins in adolescence.

The treatment at our Waterloo chiropractic clinic is ideal for tension, cervico-genic and certain types of migraine; the goal is  take the pressure off the neck by balancing the muscles across the whole body especially the spine, shoulders and neck itself. Any spinal joint dysfunction, pain and stiffness needs to also especially in the case of cervico-genic headache & migraine and combined with home care advice.

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