Hip Pain

Hip pain may be referred pain from the muscles, joints and ligaments of the lower back or from the hip & pelvis itself, it may be felt more superficially, or deep in the joint.  It is often described as sharp, catching or as a dull ache, it is usually felt more on one side. Hip pain and dysfunction may also refer down into the back of the legs, often confused with sciatica.

With most localised area’s of pain and inflammation, the whole body needs to be addressed, especially when it comes to hip or pelvic pain in order to identify & treat the underlying cause(s) of hip pain. Chiropractic care and myotherapy (SLM) is an extremely effective combination, by realigning the pelvis with chiropractic and deep tissue massage particularly to all the muscles that attach to the hip need to be balanced with each other so they hold the hip in the correct position. The muscles especially in the legs, pelvis and spine need to be treated with deep tissue techniques and balanced in order to properly treat hip pain.

Our Waterloo chiropractic clinic is the only one in Australia providing myotherapy (SLM) and chiropractic, and we’ve had great success in the past in fixing various forms of hip pain, even when other treatment’s have had limited results.

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