Neck Pain

Neck pain is very common condition suffers sort relief from at our Waterloo Chiropractic clinic, it can be a chronic condition where it is a constant, daily ache and tightness or felt intermittently with exacerbation’s due to excessive hours spent in front of the computer without breaks, periods of extended stress or aggravations from tasks such as drying ones hair, having to turn the neck suddenly or certain exercises in the gym to name a few.

In my experience sitting with poor posture which involves the head & neck moving forward over the upper body and rounding of the shoulders. As the muscles in front of the neck & body become tight and shortened the muscles in the back of the neck will have to compensate by tensing. Having one shoulder raised by using a mouse will shorted the muscles on that side of the neck & shoulder will aggravate the neck. As the muscles become chronically tight and short over time they will begin to affect the joints by causing them become stiff and locked often leading to restricted movement & pain, potentiality leading to a headache that is felt on one side of the neck, face &/or temple.

People who sleep on there stomach may also complain of neck pain as there head is turned to one side most of the night, most people who sleep on there stomachs often favour rotating there head to a particular side when sleeping. A history of trauma such as whiplash can be a major factor in chronic or ongoing neck pain.

The most important area’s when it comes to neck pain, besides the neck itself is the muscles that support the the full length of the spine, the shoulder’s & the joints of the neck and upper back.

Kieran Finnegan; your Waterloo chiropractor & myotherapist combines a comprehensive muscle & spine treatment that does not just treat the symptoms.

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