Sciatica is often felt as numbness or tingling commonly running down one of the lower limbs potentially as far as the toes, but may also affect both sides. Similar to low back pain, most people who get treatment for sciatica often struggle to get relief.

At Waterloo Spine & Sports  we don’t just treat the symptoms, Sciatica is usually a result from a disc in the lower back being placed under pressure and compressed by the superficial and deep muscles of the spine . As they tighten over time, they squeeze the discs together causing the soft jelly like substance within the disc’s to protrude or bulge and impinge the sciatic nerve in the low back.

Kieran Finnegan; our Waterloo Chiropractor, correct’s the underlying muscle imbalances and any postural faults that inevitably compromise the discs of the low back. Our Waterloo chiropractor & myotherapist (SLM), is the only professional  in Australia combining these effective therapies

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